Credit ratings

Societe Generale is followed by four financial ratings agencies.

Current credit ratings

  FitchRatings Moody's R&I Standard & Poor's
Long-term/Short-term Counterparty A(dcr) A1(cr)/P-1(cr) n/a A/A-1
Long-term unsecured senior preferred debt A A1 A A
Outlook Stable Stable Stable Stable
Short-term unsecured senior debt F1 P-1 n/a A-1
Long-term unsecured senior non preferred debt A- Baa2 A- BBB
Dated subordinated Tier 2 BBB Baa3 A- BBB-
Undated subordinated Tier 2 BBB- Ba1(hyb) n/a BB+
Tier 1 and preferred shares BB+ Ba2(hyb) n/a BB
Additional Tier 1 Basel 3 BB+ Ba2(hyb) n/a BB
Rating date 28/05/2020 11/04/2018 20/05/2015 24/06/2021
Latest publication 28/09/2022

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