The Societe Generale Integrated Report 2022-2023

Corporate & Social Responsability
Published on 22/05/2024

A communication tool, an emblem of cooperation  

An integrated report, for whom and why? 

Intended for our stakeholders, our Integrated Report is an educational and documented presentation of our Group. Its purpose is to explain how we create value in all our activities, by showing the meaning of our actions daily. This sixth edition of the Integrated Report aims to show how our corporate purpose  "Building a better and sustainable future together with our clients, by providing responsible and innovative financial solutions"  is put into action.

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The Integrated Report illustrates our ability to drive positive change, notably by integrating CSR issues into our products and services, and to deliver value-creating and meaningful growth by implementing strategic projects in partnership with our clients and with the pioneering spirit that characterises us.

Our Integrated Report reflects the ability of our organisation to get departments and divisions with different profiles and challenges to work together and in synergy; it is a challenge of convergence and unity of teams, proudly taken up once again this year by Societe Generale group!

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