Being a shareholder

Being a shareholder

Societe Generale provides comprehensive information to answer all your questions, notably concerning types of shares and the stock market.

Types of shares

Your Societe Generale shares are held in a nominative account, in one of three ways:

Three ways of holding shares

  • In bearer form: your securities account is held by your bank or financial institution. This is the most common way to hold shares
  • As externally administered registered shares: your securities account is held jointly by you and your bank or financial institution, which maintains and manages your shares. This is similar to holding bearer shares, but your shares are registered with the issuing company, which can then send you information and your invitation to the Annual General Meeting.
  • in pure registered form: your shares are registered in a securities account with Societe Generale Securities Services, which is Societe Generale’s securities management division. Your shares and personal information are registered in your name with Societe Generale.