25 agile, client-focused Business and Service Units

Business lines, geographical entities, support functions, control functions... 16 Business Units and 9 Service Units, agile and closely linked to their clients, deliver strong performance on a daily basis. They report directly to General Management and have enhanced levels of delegation for swift and effective decisions on clients, lines of credit, recruitment and other budgetary processes. Meeting in cross-business steering committees, their managers ensure the implementation of the Group's strategy.

This organisational structure set up in 2019 fosters agility and close client relationships, making it possible to maintain cross-business cooperation and ensuring that control functions remain fully independent.

  • 16

    Business Units

  • 9

    Service Units

Direct support of the General Management

Each Business or Service Unit is specifically supervised by one of the members of the General Management team, particularly on strategic issues.

Business Unit


General Management Supervisor

Societe Generale Retail Banking in France

Marie-Christine Ducholet

Sébastien Proto

Crédit du Nord

Jean-Louis Klein

Sébastien Proto


Benoît Grisoni

Philippe Aymerich

International Retail Banking, Africa, Mediterranean Basin & Overseas

Laurent Goutard

Philippe Aymerich

International Retail Banking, Europe

Giovanni-Luca Soma

Philippe Aymerich

International Retail Banking, Russia

Giovanni-Luca Soma

Philippe Aymerich


Philippe Perret

Diony Lebot

ALD, Fleet Management  

Tim Albertsen

Diony Lebot

Equipment Finance

Jochen Jehmlich

Diony Lebot

Global Banking and Advisory

Pierre Palmieri

Slawomir Krupa

Global Markets

Sylvain Cartier

Alexandre Fleury

Slawomir Krupa

Securities Services

David Abitbol

Slawomir Krupa

Wealth & Asset Management

Patrick Folléa

Slawomir Krupa

Global Transaction & Payment Services

Alexandre Maymat

Slawomir Krupa


Stéphane About

Slawomir Krupa


Gaëlle Olivier

Slawomir Krupa

Service Unit


Executive Management Supervisor

Inspection & Audit

Pascal Augé 

Frédéric Oudéa

General Secretary

Gilles Briatta

Frédéric Oudéa

Human Resources & Communication

Caroline Guillaumin

Frédéric Oudéa


Sadia Ricke

Diony Lebot


Grégoire Simon-Barboux

Diony Lebot


William Kadouch-Chassaing

Frédéric Oudéa

Corporate Resources & Innovation

Christophe Leblanc

Frédéric Oudéa

Innovation, Technology & IT
(French Retail Banking)

Bruno Delas

Sébastien Proto

Resources (Global Banking & Investor Solutions)

Cécile Bartenieff

Slawomir Krupa

An approach based on three key elements

  • Group Strategy Committee

    This committee is composed of the Chief Executive Officer, the Deputy Chief Executive Officers and the Heads of the Business Units and Service Units. It is responsible for the strategic steering of the Group’s activities.

  • Business Unit /Service Unit ((BU/SU) Strategy Oversight Committee

    Composed of the General Management, the Head of the Business Unit or Service Unit in question, the Head of Strategy, and the Heads of some Business Units and Service Units, this committee meets at least once a year for each BU and SU. Committee meetings are dedicated to the strategic and operational direction of the BU or SU in question.

  • Group cross-functional supervision

    General Management is responsible for the management of Client Committees (Large Exposures Committee, France corporate Accounts Committee, European Corporate Accounts Committee, Mid-sized Accounts Committee) as well as the ten Oversight Committees for the Group's business.

Focus on the Responsible Commitments Committee

Since 2019, Societe Generale has introduced a Group Responsible Commitments Committee. Overseen by the Chief Executive Officer or the Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Risk and Compliance supervision, this committee examines and arbitrates complex cases presenting a risk of reputational damage or non-alignment with the Group's CSR, ethics or reputational standards. Consisting of the Heads of the Group Compliance, Risk, Communications and CSR divisions, and the Heads of the Business Units and Service Units concerned, its purpose is also to make new commitments and manage changes to the Group's regulatory framework.  

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General Management

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