Published on 20/06/2024

Annual General Meeting of 22 May 2024

Letter to Shareholders N°141

Dear Shareholders,

A year ago, I shared with you how honoured I was to be appointed as Chief Executive Officer of our Group, and how proud I was to open up a new chapter in the history of Societe Generale. We presented our new strategic roadmap last September with an ambitious goal: to build an even more robust company and to create the conditions for sustainable performance for the Group and all our stakeholders. We reasserted the strategic priorities of our plan to strengthen our capital position, structurally improve our profitability, simplify our organisation, and maintain the highest standards in risk management.

To create the conditions for sustainable performance, we have embarked on a profound transformation of our model, with the commitment of our employees and the trust of our clients and shareholders.

We posted strong performances again in Global Banking & Investor Solutions and International Retail Banking. We continued to roll out the new SG brand, created by the merger of the French networks.

We launched the joint brand Ayvens, the result of the merger of ALD and LeasePlan. We pursued growth at BoursoBank. We entered into leading strategic partnerships, for example by creating Bernstein, a new global leader in equity research and cash equities, and by making new pledges to support the energy transition. Finally, we announced agreements to dispose of certain assets, allowing us to further simplify our business model and portfolio.

We are focused on executing our roadmap. We continue to move forward with determination and commitment, true to our 160-year tradition of serving our customers, to make their ideas and aspirations a reality.

I would like to thank you once again for trusting in our Group.

Slawomir Krupa
Chief Executive Officer

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